Did i only need the free version of Team Fortress 2 To buy Garrys mod?

HEy Facepunch
im wanna buy garrys mod so i need an source game right?
then i could download teamfortress 2 ( its free ) or?

mfg gallexme2

As far as I know, the Source SDK (needed for GMOD) dosen’t come with free games.

but before team fortress was free u could buy it with garrys mod but now not
so if someone buy tf2 + gmod before it was free he cant use garrys mod anymore ?

I bought TF2 and Gmod before TF2 was free, and Gmod doesn’t start for me now. It only reaches the background screen, says loading the the corner for a few seconds, then crashes. I don’t know if that’s because TF2 is free now, or something else. I’ll have to get CS:S or some other source game to find out.

thats crap ! for the people who has buy the game with team fortress 2

It’s the same deal as when Portal was released for free.

As nutnuts said, free editions of games don’t come with the Source SDK Base, which is what GMod needs to work.

Yea I’ll post my results when I get CS:S.
Hopefully it works.
If not then :smithicide:

In order to get the free TF2 you need to own a steam game. In order to buy GMod, you need to own a source engine game.

You need another game.

Does it works now or i need always to buy another game?

What Flapader said was that irregardless of whether Garrysmod would work with it - TF2 itself requires you to own another game. That means you have to Buy another game just to get TF2 to download to get Garrysmod to work.

Excuse me, TF2 requires to own another game? And where is written? TF2 is a now a FREE to play game and it doesn’t requires another games to play.

So can i buy GMOD and play with TF2?
I have also another games on my account but this is not my question.

In order to access the free TF2 you have to own at least one steam game. You can’t buy GMod without owning one source engine game, meaning you need to buy at least one other game before having TF2 content.

If you had read my first post you would have understood that.


I’m not 100% sure about needing to own a game to get TF2, but i’m pretty certain that’s the case.


Just checked; I was wrong about that. It should work.

ok thanks man :smiley:

If TF2 is free now and Garry’s Mod doesn’t accept content from promotional or complimentary games then…

How the fuck are players going to get models if they haven’t bought TF2?

Correct me I’m wrong

You will get the models, sounds, maps, etc. I know this because I did it. I also nabbed’ Portal when it was free and also got everything from it. You just cannot use TF2 as the ‘Required Source Game’

It’s not a case of Garrysmod not accepting promo / comp games, it’s a case of Valve doesn’t ship them with the SDK Base. If you upgrade to a premium account you’ll most likely (I have no idea about this, but I think this is the case) get access to the SDK and the SDK base.

Seems like it would be a bit of a screw over on Valve’s part to people who did buy the game, who would now get rewarded by being forced to buy another game just to use the ones they already paid for. I can’t test it, but judging by what Flap said I guess that’s not the case then?

I am pretty sure that the free Team Fortress 2 comes with Source Sdk Base. I have never bought or been gifted a game on steam. I did the ATI promo (half-life 2 lost coast, half-life 2 deathmatch), and the free Portal promo, and the free tf2 game. When i looked in tools, i had Source SDK, and Source SDK Base 2006. I know a little while ago (like a month ago) I checked and I didn’t have it. So I think that the free tf2 comes with it. And I just checked valve’s games that come with source sdk and tf2 is still in their.

i could run it just fine with only team fortress on my computer

Does it even matter? TF2 is barely used for anything on Gmod anyway, except for stuff like Machinima. CSS content is used a lot more often and on a lot more maps.