Did no one else see this?!

OK… So I didn’t make this clear, I didn’t draw this, face punch did, the link to the official art is down bellow.

Left side of the rock between the two trees, dark slender figure, long arms and what seems like tentacles around it.


Could the new mob be the slender man? Could this be the only game where we kill slender man for loot?

Seriously… What are your thoughts about this?

Also for those who think that this is photoshoped, its not. The image is taken directly from Facepunches Rust Art page…

[http:// https://trello.com/b/1iXNdiYw/rust-art](http:// https://trello.com/b/1iXNdiYw/rust-art)

Shape shifting reptiloids.

I love how people are already voting this dumb and artistic, its not artistic because I didn’t draw and with dumb I guess you can say your opinion on my opinion but whatever.

sarcastic voice on Pure genius…

Yeah i see it. Cool Art bro. I like the way the naked look in love whit the rock.

I don’t think you got me. I didn’t draw it, its going to be used as a trading card for steam, it was drawn by face punch

whelp, I’ve got my new desktop wallpaper.

girlfriends gonna love it.

You do make a valid point. It is an awesome wall art

Oww, my mistake. But it’s cool anyway.

As the OP said: This is an Artwork by Megan T. that you can find on the Rust Art Trello.

Could this be a clue to what the new monster will be?

That’s what i thought when i realized that wasn’t made by the OP. Hope new scary creature is comming.

Im not sure if slender man in rust would be creepy or cool.