Did some one say Team fortress 2 wallpapers?

Because I think I heard some one say Team Fortress 2 wallpapers.

Tell me which variation is best.


You can ignore these saw tooth sharp ass jagged jaded ones.



And this one.


I’m still working on some more.

Those aren’t really good wallpapers. The graphics quality needs to be improved.

Is this better?


I don’t get it…
Did he hold that big metal thing by teeth?

Woah! finally a person who can find the video settings, yes it’s an improvement.

Much better, it’s worth a wallpaper for sure.

Should I redo the last one I did again?





And here’s the sharp drop off of quality.


You can clearly see the edge of that flashlight gradient on the Heavy’s forehead.

Good posing. Image looks much better after (I assume) you blurred the image with a photo program. Like the others mentioned, little details can make all the difference.

Also, I personally like the original images much better. The sepia/grayscale images are just too re-used. TF2 characters are cartoony and portray a lot of personality. Much better in vibrant colors.

Except for maybe the spy… he’s probably emo underneath the mask. (jk)

Can you make some in 16:10 resolutions as well? :3:

Could someone convert my engineer one in to a gmod background?