Did somebody say overhangs?! A variation of the elevator base design

Taking into account the new ladders, I have created a base with extra floor pieces to further impede vertical movement on the outside of the base. I have also replaced the jump stack elevator, with stairs which zig-zag, and can be removed when leaving or logging off.

And here’s an image of taking this idea to the extreme. The pattern is: Floor, Wall, block, empty, floor, wall, floor, then stairway.

Fuck that’s ugly, no offense. I hope something changes with these ladders, because if that’s what a end game house is, then ew.

Heck yeah it is…

You’d better have that top ring of baffles covered in spikes or that base will be really easy to raid with a tower jump…

But yeah, good defense vs ladders.

Edit: If I was you would replace the lowest layer of baffles with foundations, will give you better protection at the same cost against someone “tunneling” in through the foundation to reach the center. Also, would look better.

ladders are so coool. every one has to build the same way. gj garry good thinking on this one.
ladders are one of the worst things you put into the game not much balancing thought put into it huh
better off taking them out or making them only to be used on rocks only!

just curious but wouldn’t you achieve the same effect if you instead used triangle floors? would look better too and take up less space. Also why use stairs inside why not ladders?

It’s not too bad. It kind of looks like one of those Japanese temples. I thought there could be aesthetic blue prints to change the styles of walls, ceilings, pillars etc while maintaining the same function of each part but I suppose that just avoids the issue with ladders/raid balance.


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Raider can easily destroy an overhang roof in each layer to climb in the outside since without using any ladder.

The bottom 3 floors would have removable pieces to prevent access. This is just something I’ve always done, just to make raiding that much more annoying.

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Yes, of course, but this is better then not having to destroy anything to place a ladder.