Did the admin do the right thing?

So I was playing on my regular server a few days ago and some idiot was hacking with an aimbot… The admin put godmode on and TPed to him, the guy apparently unloaded a clip with all headshots (the guy said it over chat) and the admin used that as a reason to ban him and another guy who was also said to be hacking. So just wondering if the admin did the right thing by putting on godmode and TPing to ONE guy then banning both of them. The chat was spammed for about 5 minutes with “admin abuse” and all sorts of c**p after that because he didnt TP to the other guy as well.

Just curious cause the admin is one of my best mates…

Administrators will make their own decisions and really speaking, there isn’t much that can be done. If they complain about ‘admin abuse’ then they can switch to one of the other 5,000+ servers available on Rust.

No admin is perfect.

People just love to scream admin abuse, I see it all the time, whether the admin is an active player as well as an admin or just an invisible force for the immediate and severe termination of hackers with extreme prejudice, it’s one of the most common cries in chat.

Thats the problem, I know that he didnt abuse, but I just wanted to know if this was the right thing to do because when Rust improves a little bit more, Im looking at getting my own server. But I’d like to know if this was dealt with properly, if it wasn’t, what would you do?

Just so I can reduce the chance of having admin abuse screamed out on my server if I do get one, not that I care if it does, but id prefer if it wasnt

I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. If he was incorrectly banned he can petition and all can learn from the experience. Personally I’d have checked out both, but he might have encountered the other before.

When you get you own server get some forums up and running so there a regular space to post issues/petitions. If they can’t be bothered to use that then why should you care =] they’re your pennies

Doubt the second guy would have been dumb enough to demonstrate his aimbot while the first guy is screaming about teleporting godmode admins.

So I’d say that admin handled the situation as well as is possible considering the tools at his disposal and was perfectly justified in banning both.

Edit: Ah, I know how to do this. Prep the ban, have the command line for kicking and then banning with name/steam ID written down so you can copy-paste it and ban the first guy seconds after he’s been shown to cheat. Then repeat on the second. Don’t mention anything in chat, the two hackers have just vanished :smiley:

Anyone complains, you can tell them both these players just tried to use their aimbot on your godmode.