Did the server roll back last night?

I just lost a shit ton of my work that I did last night. My house was pretty much complete and now everything I did last night went to waste. It would be very helpful to know about these roll backs before dedicating quite a bit of time to the game. Any sort of notification would be greatly appreciated.

I realize it’s in alpha, as I’m sure many of you are foaming at the teeth ready to tell me right about now. However, the least they could do is tell us what happened and why it had to be done.

Maybe they will in time. Maybe they won’t. They have a really small team working on the game, and they are doing just that. WORKING on the game, why do you want to to take any amount of time away from that in order to write up some sort of formal statement talking about what went wrong and why they had to wipe/roll back?

Let them do what they feel needs to be done. And if they want to tell you about it so be. Otherwise, I don’t get why people feel they have the right to make post saying “I KNOW ITS JUST AN ALPHA, BUT…”

No…you don’t get to add the BUT. Stop where you said you know it’s just an alpha, and then don’t go forward with the post.

It’s like saying, No offense, BUT …(proceeds to say something offensive). Putting no offense in the front doesn’t negate the fact that you are being an asshole. Saying I know it’s an alpha doesn’t negate the fact that your being pissy about things that are super common in alphas.

I know you only recently registered on Facepunch, but…

If the developers are too busy handling the mechanics of the game, than I can understand that. However, with the recent successes of the key sales, they could hire on someone to work on public/community relations and update notes/documentation. Like it or not, randomly pulling stuff like this will push some of the most dedicated fans away from the game. You may not think that’s a big deal, but I can imagine it will have some sort off effect on game in some form in the long run.

But yeah, that’s just my opinion and stuff.

Yea I mean that may make people wan’t to leave, but it is the alpha…

You didn’t buy the game to play it.

You bought the game to be a tester. We are merely allowed access to test the stuff they are working on, giving them more time to create wonderful new features, and fix the bugs we report.

It clearly states when you bought the game it’ll be in alpha, so you shouldn’t expect anything of the sort to reasonable gameplay.

As for the change-logs. The updates can be viewed on the main website at www.playrust.com

Bugs can be reported here : https://github.com/Facepunch/rust-issues/issues

I’ll see you in-game, fellow tester!