Did the update wipe servers?

My building is gone. I thought they were only wiping once a month?

The frequency of wipes is up to server admins. If they want to adhere to the once-a-month forced wipe, then they will, however, populated servers have to wipe more frequently.

play on official servers, they didn’t wipe.

Let me clear things up. I have my own server. Started the update last night and wen to bed. Logged on this morning and my house was gone.

My assumption was the updates don’t wipe the server until the last thursday of every month…

The update didn’t force a wipe. If you wiped your server, then likely it was something you did when applying the patch. You should be able to restore it though. I don’t know the mechanics of doing it, but it can be done.

Depending on who you host with, some hosting companies seem to default to wipe state. I have tried two hosting companies and found one seems to wipe more then they other AFA the map goes.

I host my own now so I can have full control