"did you hear something spike?" [man and hi's dog tryin to survive]


had some free time…

What do you think?

Awesome raptor! :smiley:

Why are his fingers blurry? Pose is okay but the background is boring.

Looks good, even though it’s empty.
Liking the skin.

Remind me : I’m Legend

thanks :slight_smile:

It’s meh, way too empty , barely any editing, and the shotgun is too big.


Slight desaturation, DOF , random blur.


I think he was more referring to the fact that you said “no editing” as a bad point. A picture doesn’t need editing to be good.

Who’s hi?

Kidding, but really, it’s a pretty nice picture, it’s a little empty though and i don’t really like the DOF.

When I look at the dog I get the feeling he is answering back to the dude… His face makes it look like he is talking lol

Nice posing.