"Did you think to escape me through the back door, Dr. Overland?"

I was thinking of launching a comic (last time I tried, it bombed for various reasons, mostly due to trolls who derailed it before it got anywhere), real-world-ish and possibly involving lots of super-secret/experimental/ect. stuff. I threw together a quick preview with a mysterious title and a bizarre encounter in an alley. Forgive the open space to the left; any other angle wouldn’t have made sense.


A strange colors version (it’s probably horrible but I somehow could not resist posting this; ingame color editor)


C&C. I’d love to launch a comic, but I want to get a few opinions first before I spend hours and embark on a potentially vain project, only to be shot down by trolls.

the title could sound…dirty…you know?

I think that this looks pretty good. The only thing that seems off is that the guy in the trench coat has his feet set at an angle.

I have to wonder if there will be a day when everything said could be taken in a dirty context.

Anyway, to Shotup, who actually contributed, the feed were floating slightly and conveniently refused to bend convincingly into a good pose. My solution involved increasing their size slightly with the inflator tool and attempting to angle them again from that point. It still looked strange, like you said, but I really didn’t want to scrap the trench coat guy’s whole pose and rebuild it again.

Ah, I see. I like the idea. Sounds cool for a comic.


Need some more opinions…

camera angle could be better, and the DOF is to much for my taste

I like the colored one better btw