Didn't see that coming

So after a bit of rust i got tired of the usual grind because all my friends and such had quit, so one day im playing rust and me and this guy become good friends. long story short he sent me a few different copies of his hacks i was thrilled. had fun with it for a while but was vac-banned today(So for all you people bitching about hackers they are getting banned so stfu) anyway, while i was browsing the hacker forums i found this.

http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/915933-post1.html and Im no genius but does he not bear a similar resemblance to this guy? http://www.facepunch.com/members/converse.php?u=407681&u2=54583

I just thought i would share something funny I found with you guys, that even one of the dedicated fanboys of garry still defy him, because they can’t get good at a game :stuck_out_tongue:

End, rant

PS:will be picking up another copy after the update, and if you consider hacking don’t because once you inject it for the first time vac already knows of your presence and will most likely ban you in the coming weeks :suicide:

We’ve seen it before, it’s just someone trolling Elix.

Nice job, cheater. :v:

And, no, that schmuck is this guy, some moron who decided to borrow my avatar and name. Didn’t fool the Unknowncheats mods, however, even if it fooled you.

If I did sign up for UC.me, do you think I’d be dumb enough to use the same name and profile after spending weeks laughing at people with VAC bans? Says more about you than me. :v:

Yeah, that’s how VAC works. It silently watches and logs, and then it rounds you up with all the other cheaters for a mass execution.

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Idiot tried to make it look like I’d been VAC’d, too, but wouldn’t even show a full Steam profile. :v:

I make fun of vac banned people on the steam community rust forums all the time… than they notice I have a vac ban from 8 years ago on my old throw away account. They always seem to point it out. Cracks me up.
I love VAC, it’s why I wake up every morning. It always brings me great threads.

Damn, your life sounds miserable.

EDIT: It isn’t him. Can’t stand these types of people.

Well I sit behind a computer pretty much all day. Some days are so slow I just lurk multiple forums all day. Get paid anyways lol.

blue whale we sure caught you red handed this time!!!