Didn't there used to be these videos by 'MadMonkey'?

I swear, I swear I’ve seen them before.

I can’t seem to find them.
They were made by some guy on YouTube called ‘Mad Monkey’ and his GMod series video’s were great.

Does anyone know what they where called? It had Breen, GMan, and the President Bush model (who loved chopping the shit out of stuff)

I do remember seeing them on youtube, but that was years ago. I remember he had this one random gmod movie where one of the scenes was a dude getting all sorts of shit getting dropped on him.

You mean gmonkey, or gamer monkey.

The series called the “cooperate triad”
or something like that, way back in 2006, or 07 all this occurred.

Is that it?

Or perhaps you are referring to Monkeyjunkie160? But you are more likely to be referring to Gamer Monkey.

Holy shit I can’t believe you guys remember this. I helped on one of his Videos.

He hasn’t made a new video in years I’m afraid, but I loved his Cooperate Triad videos.

Oh shit that’s the video!

I fucking forgot what it was called and I just remembered scenes :buddy:

Now I look back on it, and think if this was released today, it be blown down so quickly in a hail of a giant ass machine gun being gunned by people who enjoy flame wars.

Oh my god I fucking loved these guys.