''Die! Die! Die!'' Skully makes a kill

BlackBars + muzzleflash + small fixes

BlackBars + Grain + muzzleflash + small fixes



Pink blood is weird but everything else is fine, good job!

Thanks. Yeah, when I try working with the blood it always, ALWAYS ends up like this…

Looks like he is crouching and moving, kinda odd to move around on a garbage container. That was just a nitpick, everything else looks okay besides the blood :smile:

Yeah, he’s jumping on the container… I thought I should add some motion blur there. Thanks, anyway.

tking nub

IMO the muzzleflash is way too big, everything else is A-OK.

Good picture. I’m currently editing it.


You like?


looks like a massive portal is opening between them

Riiiiiight…so, Zeraxify, why’s his gun exploding?

Because big muzzleflashes are cool. :woop:

lol. I gotta agree with 'ya!. lol.