Die groundwalker


A pic I made a while ago after I began playing GOW again.

Posed in Gmod. Edited via Photoshop.

Is it just me or does the quality suck?
It’s ok, other than that.

I hope not!
I tried to have more focus on the Boomers while everything else is slightly blurred. Perhaps thats what you’re seeing?


Dude this is the garrys mod section stop posting Screenshots from Gears of War.

Looks like its posed in garrysmod. Look at the muzzle flare, seem familiar?

Looks pretty good (except for Marcus hands for some reason:confused:), nice to see a GoW pose once in a while.
Makes it worth to keep porting.


Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear at the beginning. It was posed in Gmod.
And yeah, Marcus’s hands are a bit screwy, but what can you do?

Dude, there are ports from Gears in Gmod, ya know.

Hmm lol now I realize its G-Mod.
Sorry guys :sigh: looked like a screenshot to me :slight_smile:


Does it even look like GoW? The posing does sure, the effects don’t.

Posings great as I said lol

Well, if one person thought it looked like it was from GOW, then my task is complete :slight_smile:

The posing does :smiley:

Heh, you’re not gonna let the muzzle flash get away easily are ya? :slight_smile:

It’s way too dark

He’s fighting at night ;p

Well it sure wouldn’t be bright if you were underground now would it?

Amazing picture.

Thanks! :slight_smile: