Die when changing jobs script

I want a simple script that kills you when you change jobs. I am using DarkRP 2.4.1, I know its outdated, but the SVN of DarkRP was picked up by a bunch of half-wits and they broke SOOOO much. And DarkRP 2.4.1 doesn’t have the option to kill you on job switch. I know this script cant be too hard. please help.

I don’t care if you hate DarkRP, I like it and im just requesting a script. So don’t start flaming.

Find the code where they change the teams and then make it also kill you. Sucess?

I feel like your on to something…could you go into a bit more detail :slight_smile:

Are you sure the script does not have that capability?

Try rp_norespawn 0

look for where you choose your job then find where they do ply:SetTeam( x ) or w.e then add ply:Kill() aswell if needed

Oh my god thank you so much Cireric!