holy fucking…

did you steal this or something just wow.

I like what I see here.

Doesn’t look like garry’s mod to me to be honest.

Or is it just that good :frowning:

It has to be because the Turian isn’t even holding the handle of the gun.

looking at your other pictures i can confirm this isnt stolen…look at me jumping to conclusions.

nice pic anyhow.

The contrast and excessive highlights are killing my eyes.

This is pretty badass, I like it.

Reminds me of the last mission in me2 for me, I was playing on veteran, then jack, thane and legion (my 3 favorite characters) died when approaching the collector base (yeah I didnt upgrade the ship at all) so I got so pissed that I upped the difficulty to insane, and spent an entire night ragekilling all those collector bastard.

I can’t decide if this is yours, just because of the lame title. :colbert:

I expected an npc shooting a ragdoll that was frozen near the ground on only one point with a bunch of other random shit everywhere.
This is just… wow.

Check his former threads. :downs:

the post count, avatar, name and title lead me to believe you’re a thief, op

No he isn’t, we were already amazed when he first came here and posts rarely. Plus I’ve never seen this anywhere, quit being paranoid. Amazing editing OP.

Oh and he’s Korean.

You people are elitists to the core.

“This guy is making incredible images in several threads, but since he has not posted much on this forum and has not changed this avatar he must be a fraud!”


I don’t think it’s as great as you people saying it is.

I think hes just Korean

seriously, Koreans are some talented bros.

op i have a suggestion

you make good pic’s but not having an avatar makes people think your new and stealing other’s work

atleast get an avatar and spend more time on facepunch so people will respect you instead of thinking you’re a thief


it’s pretty good for someone unknown to pop in with a good pic

hes korean http://steamcommunity.com/id/LEEMINSON

I expected less from the title. I was surprised.

Cool lighting. Love Wrex in the picture.