Dieing houses is really a problem

I pointed this out before, but I fear I must do again. I did not had time to play this week, due to work and girlfriend, and now it is weekend, and again I lost all my houses.
I do still have my blueprints but having to rebuild like this all the time is not exactly fun. At least give server owners the option so houses don’t die so fast.

They should last at least a week, so I can just limit my playtime to the weekend.

I think admins can control decay rate. Someone correct me if I am wrong but the last conversation I had with an admin, he said he was thinking of changing it to give people more time.

But I agree, this is not a casual kind of gamer game.

i too can only play on weekends due to work issues (i am away from home during weekdays)

my suggestion is to make structures with a bed in them have a longer decay grace period of say, 1 week

hopefully they can make changes to the decay timing, if the servers are able to handle it sufficiently :slight_smile:

I agree that standard decay rate is too fast, especially for barricades etc. for which you can’t even reset the timer.

Hot bar the resource and left click. It’s repairable.

Well I can understand that people with a limited time to play have problems with their houses decaying, but right now on the server I play abandoned houses cause massive lag spikes and if it would take longer for them to disappear there would be too many houses.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes admin’s can control the decay rate and even choose for no decay at all.

I do agree that if you’re a real casual player (maybe few hours a week) then you will most likely end up losing everything to a raid or as stated there decay if its not changed.

Stop playing Rust, if you knew what you were getting into you wouldn’t have bought alpha/beta/steam key in the first place. They had to control the amount of buildings in the game, if there wasn’t any control, there would be over thousands of buildings, hence the decay rate. If you build something, and you are gone for more then a day, next time you log in whatever you just built is halfway/fully gone, depending on when you logged out and logged in. I learned this way before Rust was released to Steam, its a deterrence to keep players from building hundreds of structures, and it makes people play more often. The decay rate works like this: Build something, stay logged in = no decay, log off = decay starts, after 24 hours stuff starts falling apart, after 48 hours everything is gone but the foundation (maybe), log back in before that amount of time, the decay rate resets itself.
There was an option to repair decay rate, but that was when decay rate was when building took damage even while you were logged in, Facepunch changed that to make it decay only when you are logged offline.

This, and I agree.

You will get griefed within a week anyways.

I don’t see what the problem is. If you log in for about a minute per day, use a couple of doors, your house doesn’t decay…

1 minute is all it takes.

Personally I’m a big an of decay. It removes ridiculous buildings that nobody uses anyway. Turning the decay rate down defies the entire reason why you would have decay in the first place.

Are you sure it decayed and your server wasn’t wiped? Ours was wiped due to the content update yesterday.

I hate this kind of advice, I am a paying customer just like you, and I have every right to tell the creators what ruins this great game for me.
I like the game, it’s very enjoyable, WHEN I’m playing, when I’m not playing I like to know I won’t need to start over the next time I log in.

Get in a group of friends… then someone can do maintenance during the week/whatever,

I think the decay time should be a lot slower like 2 weeks or so because lets be realistic wood doesnt decay that fast neither does metal but i understand that people join servers build and leave to play a different one, but i think i should have the option to take a week or 2 off from the game and come back to my base still being there and hopefully my if i wasnt raided lol.

Some bases are too big. On US Central 3, there is this huge wood tower and huge metal bases near small rad town that cause a lot of lag in that area.

Well most of those style bases are m\have like 3-4 people living in them so you would naturally want to stay away from there anyways.

I agree 100% i actually think decay time should be at-least a month along as the server performance is good
its even possible to turn off decay but that would not work on a public server without wipes very often,
unless you got a private server with only a few players, maybe max 20 people.

Decay needs seriously to be slowed down to a crawl. Things dont really decay to the degree or to the speed to the rate that the game portrays.

Maybe there should be an indicator when your base is nearly gone due to decay?

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The owner of the bases quit the server and now nobody lives in there… just a huge lag area.

The huge tower was from a cheater that has an entire area in US Central 3 covered with foundations.