Difference between CreateClientConvar() and CreateConvar()?

Both can be run clientside, but CreateConvar also serverside, so why is there CreateClientConvar? Can the value be edited by the players themself, like every player has the value default on “1”, and every player can have a different value? Hard to explain what I mean.

I think CreateClientConvar is just so that clients can set values for commands that you can utilize within your clientside files. For instance, you create a clientside convar called enable_hud that would be defaulted at 1. If the user types enable_hud 0 in console this would disable the hud provided you made an if statement check within your hud hook. CreateConvar is more for game settings/gamemodes as described on the wiki but you can choose whether clients can execute them via “FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE” I believe. I could be wrong but I’m certain from what I’ve used them for that they are the primary uses.

CreateClientCovar would be for if each client should have their own value. CreateConvar would be if you want the convar to reside serverside and be networked to the clients.

Thats what I asked for, that every client can have a own value, thanks!