Difference between high velocity 556 and normal 556 ammo?

The description of high velocity says that it travels faster resulting in higher damage, how much more damage do they actually do?

Not much, at best it would be about 10 extra damage. But 10 extra damage could be the difference in dropping a guy one shot or not dropping him and he just manages to turn around and kill you.

Well before this weeks update the normal rounds actually done more damage despite the description in not sure if the update changed this.

how about exploding rounds? Or fire rounds??

Explosive rounds do the same damage as normal rounds, but then they explode which deals extra damage. The fire rounds do the same damage as normal as well, and I think they have a chance of setting the person on fire, but I’ve never actually used the fire rounds in a gun fight.

I use them all the time. Have not light a person up yet. But the fire rounds have more of a fall then the otheres.

Yeah fire rounds are only good for taking out wooden structure and the explosive are only any good if used in the m249 to take down the heli which they do very fast.

It’s about hitting the rotor hitboxes, explosive ammo hinders more than anything due to the bullet drop. I solo it with a bolt using normal ammo.

I doubt this highly, I am someone who can solo a heli in about 2 minutes I would love to see you do it with a boltie. Just out of curiosity how many hits do you need to get to down it with a boltie? Also it is extremely easy to hit the heli with an m249 no matter what rounds you use its all about judging the flight path correctly.

I’ll have a video up soon. Piss easy.

HV 556 Does the Highest amount of Damage like 4-6 damage more then the normal.
Explo 556 Does a bit more damage then the normal ones, but you have to bear with the Bulletdrop its higher
556 in generall is the best imo its cheap and does the job.
Fire 556 does less damage then the standard one but the fire is perfect it kills wounded people.

I’m sure they will tweak this a bit.
I see standard .556 not having much drop.
300-500 yds iron sighted is just too unrealistic

Also AK doesn’t use a 556 in real life

Normally I stay away from posting “this happened to me” stories as those stories are less reliable than eye witness events. However, this happened to me: I used explosive 556 for the AK for the first time. I shot someone a total of 7 times without him dying. He was wearing road sign armor, hoodie and pants near my quarry. I hit him once and he started running away. I chased him. During the chase, I hit him 6 more times and he never was downed. There was a gap between the first and second hit, but I did hit him with 2 consecutive shots and then a 3rd hit within a few seconds of the previous 2 hits.

Something is off with explosive ammo’s damage. I’d like to see a recent video comparison of ammo damage vs players.

Syringes dude i tanked a 5 player chase with those little guys

I’m not sure that hv does more damage as I have 1 shot head shotted people wearing metal face
Masks with normal 5.56 many times but every time I do the same thing with hv rounds I need to get 2 head shots to kill the enemy.

we tested it like 10 times HV always did a (bit) more damage then the normal on (Same range/Bodypart)

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you can 1 shot people by hitting into the eyeholes

It just seems weird that I have never got a 1 shot kill with the hv, I use to use it all the time but switched as I was having to hit people more. Maybe it’s just my luck!