Differences Between Orange Box 2 and CS:S Engines?

Can anyone tell me the differences?

First of all, its the Orangebox engine.
2nd of all, CS:S uses the ep1 engine.

The differences I’ve noticed is for some shaders, and different physics.


They fixed a lot of problems related to the ep1 engine in the orangebox engine. However for Gmod purposes ep1 engine is more common due to Css’s popularity. Least most everyone has it anyway.

Gmod is on the Orange box engine…

Dynamic shadows, and a shit load of shaders, Procedural animation, uhh… Particle effects.

I would wonder what css would look on this :flashfap:

It would look very much the same.

When i got my account, I got GMod and L4D.

Was GMod running on the L4D engine and isn’t the L4D engine more advanced than the others?

Gmod doesn’t run on the L4D engine. You are either lying or stupid.


Seriously, there is a reason for not upgrading. The lack of vehicle entities, for example.

Not to mention switching will break everything.

Well i didn’t own any other source games, or have any other source games installed, so it would appear you are the idiot.

Ever noticed that GMod comes with the props included in HL2?
Go figure.

All source games come with the base engine, therefore you are the idiot! :3:

Actually if you read it through, I never said that GMod was running on the L4D engine. I asked, then he said I was either lying or stupid. So really, he’s the idiot for assuming I was saying GMod ran on the L4D engine when I was merely asking whether it was.


But you went along with it by saying :

Which implements you defending the statement of which everyone thought you said Gmod was running on L4d engine.

It’s a mod. Ever noticed mods need a source game?
Go figure.


I didn’t think it had to use the props to use the engine.

And Gmod does need a source game, but it doesn’t run off the DoD:S Engine, or CS:S Engine, or what ever game you have.

I played prop hunt on de_dust2 from gmod and the shaders and reflections are damn awesome

It’s more of a formality nowadays, since you can buy GMod/CS:S bundle packs.

I want the L4D models at least D: