Different Ammo Types

Hey guys,

Just an idea that i had, not saying to add it now but just for future maybe. I thought that you could have different types of ammo for example soft point ammo for closer range combat and hard point ammo for further distance combat.

The soft point would do more damage the closer the target E.g 5-15 meters away.
And the hard point ammo could do more damage further E.g 20-40 meters.

Just an idea i had i really would love to hear what you think


Good idea, they would have to add more items for this idea to work though, or add reloading benches at factories or abandoned buildings?

Yeah That could work i really didn’t think about how to implement it just the idea its self

they should add hollow point so we can actually do some on the damage on kevlar guys!

Hollow point bullets does not have the capacity to penetrate kevlar…