Different day / night cycle

Me and my friend have different time on the server. When I have night, he has day. How can this be fixed?

Is you and your friend on same server??

i noticed this the other night also when a friend and i were playing on the same server. i had mutiple times where he would say “man i cant see anything is so dark out right now” when is was the middle of the day on my end. i have tried mulitple times to log out and log in but nvr could seem to get on the same day/night cycle with my friend. i even noticed that if i log out with it the middle of the night or day and log back in right after it would be a completely different part of the day/night cycle. im not talkin a smal difference, it was more like a full 1/2 day shift in the cycle very noticeable.

cevebed exactly like my problem!

It sounds like the time of day isn’t being synched with the server, so every client simulates their own time of day independently. Pretty sure that’s unintentional.

Just a random thought, people that are having time of day desyncs with friends, are you connecting from the same timezone and approximate geographic location (same time zone is close enough, for US/other large countries)?

Yes, we use same ISP (we live in the same building).

Yeah, a friend and I noticed this also. We play from the same timezone with local settings. Logging out then in seemed to resync it. (But it still meant one of us could see when the other couldn’t.)

Same problem. This could be nice but… Guys who has day or morning when you has night easy kill you or rob. And conversely
It would be better if the time of day will depend on the server and will have all the same

im going to get my second computer setup and and see if i can get my friend to log in on it side by side and see what kinda results we get from mulitple servers and some of the the offical servers and i will report back.