Different Deagle Skin While Keeping The Original Deagle?

Hey, I want to have both the normal deagle and a golden deagle on my server, but all the deagle skins replace the original deagle.
How would I go about having both as seperate weapons?

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I finally figured it out, but then the client wasn’t downloading the model and it was showing as a huge error.
So, I added it to the forceddownloads file, but now the client has to restart Garrys Mod and re-enter the server or the gun still shows up as a big error.
Any help?

The skin needs to be hexed, and then recreated as a SWEP.

I’ve got it all figured out now, but now I have two more problems.

  1. If I update the skin on the server, the client doesn’t redownload it, meaning they still have an old version of the skin.
  2. For some reason in third-person view the new deagle is sticking out of the person’s chest instead of in their hands.
    Any help?

The Lua scripting sub-forum should know.