Different E Error with most entities for drug addons and what not. CANT FIX

So me and buddy of mine have been creating a server for the past week. We’ve had some model issues in the beginning but fixed those with setting up FastDL, and a workshop collection. Now I set up FastDL for every addon we currently have and there’s a few that just don’t want to show up. But, it’s not a regular ERROR sign that we usually see. It’s a single invisible E and i think it means something else is wrong but i can’t figure it out. Maybe you guys have an idea because I couldn’t find a fix anywhere regarding my issue. Also, the icon picture doesn’t show up in the f4 menu or Q menu for entities. Heres a picture to show you what I’m seeing. https://gyazo.com/58b61e13b1fa02f684812ad13fea6f22 workshop for it is downloaded, and added the models and entities into fastDL and I don’t get lua errors at all about it in the server console. The addon is Blues Farm just an FWI. IF you can help or give me advice it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Found out why it wasn’t showing up. Couldn’t find the community workshop addon -.- usually they post them into the addons readme