Different game-modes in different sections


I recently open’d a server with the underdone gamemode. Here is the issue. This is a Underdone gamemode. No one knows what underdone is. so no one will join this gamemode that is listed FARRR down in the list

So the question: is there ANY way to put a gamemode under another category?

like, can i put this under the DarkRP category (something that is decent and not Darkrp) or maybe even better a “ghost” of a server to show it off in other lists.

as a side note, i dislike this way of sorting server, new gamemodes can never surface



I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way to make your gamemode go to the top with the current server browser - I’ve seen countless people already complain about this, and I guess the only way you could make it go to the top is to advertise the hell out of your gamemode (I really hope someone will correct me on this)

You can change the gamemode name so that it would appear in the DarkRP category but I would highly advice against this because certain other addons that work with Underdone like ArcSlots ect will bug out.

Underdone is slowly starting to get more popularity from people doing YouTube videos of it.

If you hide your server in DarkRP JUST to get it popular, that’d be shitty of you because you’d lie to the players, why not ask Serverwatch for help?

I just used dark Rp as an example, however what do you recommend for a fairly unknown gamemode. The last time I ran a server It took almost a year to get to the top spots, and I dont know how to advertise this gamemode. however thanks for the help anyways

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To be honest I agree with reading so far, dont want to make it fake … thanks guys

Just simply get friends to regulary play with you on it, & put it on gametracker, I got many people joining because of gametracker itself. Eventually it’ll go up.