different guns in Murder

So i was going to go about making it so donators can receive different guns and melee weapons, I want them to be able to buy it in the pointshop and then whenever they are selected for murder or get the gun it will give them the one that they bought in the pointshop. I am not a complete newb at coding i know lua basics but apparently not enough to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to be pointed on the right track.

if ply:IsUserGroup("donator") then

in you spawn function or whatever, I’m not sure how murder is setup.
(Posting code would be helpful)

yes but it needs to give them the weapon only when they get enough props, are selected as murderer or selected as a bystander with a special weapon, and there is no code to posting, i am asking for someone to help me with the code.

Wow, just look through murder code, when it gives them the item for getting the props, add that code in.
Aswell as for when they spawn as murderer.

Find the function that controls that and apply the same method.
You say you know Lua basics, this shouldn’t be hard at all.