Different Model Version

So, I am noticing that an error is increasing server startup times significantly. The error is

MDLCache: INSERT_MODEL uses a different model version to the engine (got 49, expected 48)

Replace INSERT_MODEL with the weapon models from TFA CS:O. All of the weapon models for CS:O show up with this error in the server console during start up. It takes about a second for each model. Models show up fine in-game.

Is there a way to fix the error, so it does not increase startup times?

Unfortunately not. Version 49 models only work due to a hack in the engine – either you live with it or convert the models to v48 (requires recompilation).

So, what are version 49 models exactly and what benefits do they have? Also, will there be any downsides to re-compiling. Am I able to simply decompile it using Crowbar, and then re-compile it?

49 is the model version used by CS:GO and I believe Portal 2. Not sure what new features it adds, but most likely you’ll be able to decompile with Crowbar and recompile in v48 with a few minor adjustments.

Ok thanks.