Different personalities in different servers.

Okay, I wanna see if I’m alone in this.
So far in Rust I’ve played in 2 different servers. The first one was a low population, noob friendly server. Wanted to learn the game without being butchered. Since then I’ve convinced 5 of my friends to buy the game, so I switched to a more populated noob friendly server, so that 6 people could play together and fight people without running the server. Me and my friends have seen a few noobs being bothered on the server, and decided to try to make a little noob camp, kind of like a safe haven for people who just get started. Still just in talks, but thats our plan on the server. But recently I’ve gotten this itch to play the game a little different on another server.

Honestly, I just wanna play solo and kill every fucking thing.
I wanna be that guy that the 12 year old all direct their WTF’s and OMG’s at in frustration.
I wanna break down wooden doors and take everything from someones storage and replace it with a bunch of rocks.
I wanna find a guy minding his business by his lit campfire on the road next to big rad in the middle of the night and beat him to death with a rock, despite having an m4 in my inventory.
I pretty much wanna join a server to vent after a long days work and chop people up(and Gary, if you happen to see this, cannibalism in the next update would make me absolutely giddy)

My question, anyone else ever feel like abandoning your original style of playing (friendly, bandit, ninja, whatever) and almost being a different person on another server? Or do I just suffer from some Rust-related split personality disorder?

I do this, but on the same server. I just change my name when I decide to go rambo, it’s a vanilla server without login/out announcements, so nobody honestly gets suspicious. I even have two different bases, one closer to prime farming land, one hidden base closer to small rad for infinite pvp opportunity.

So if you have some kind of split personality, clearly I have a worse case.

I do also occasionally join a server just for the purpose of getting weapons as quickly as possible, and racking up a body count until I get bored. Normally,it doesn’t take long, as I am terrible at combat in this game generally, and end up losing more often than I win. Some small part of me still wants to try to be “that guy” on occasion.