Different ping on the list

Hello, when I enter on my server I have for example 35 of ping

But when I find my server on the list show much more ping for example, 55/65 approx

For others servers I have the same ping on the list and when I’m within.

For others players happen the same, on the list see 10 and when are playing see 5 (People who live near the server have 5 of ping)

I don’t know if this is possible to solve, I understand what is normal what appear more ping on the list but I think what this high difference no is normal.

These are my config:

any help will thank you, thanks.


Is it the same in the legacy browser?

Yes my friend.
new capture:

With others servers no happen this, I don’t understand because…

There’s very, VERY little difference between 30 and 50, it’s most likely a fluxuation that happened between looking at the server menu and actually on the server, no te procupes, no es nada

Hello, thanks for your reply.

but that small difference makes my server is not listed in the first place and more ping other servers if they appear in the first place.

I paid a lot for the dedicated server has more than 500mb/s up and down, hard disk SSD, 32GB of RAM good processor ETC …

Then when it exceeds 50 ping and the first may not appear, just want you to show the actual ping the search as with other servers.

I hope to find the solution, regards.

Have you checked how your server ping appears on other people’s computers? It could be your local internet connection causing that, someone with a good internet connection may see it at the top of the list, especially if they are close to the server’s location

I have 101mb/s of download and 10mb/s of upload, with other people happen the same.

I think what are because the cfg config, im try to modify now, regards.

Alright, I don’t know a great deal about networking, so I’m sorry I can’t be of much help

No problem, thanks for your help.

I use counter strike dedicated server for my Gmod server, I know what is possible user others versions how orange box, is possible what is better with orange box?


If you are refering to “srcds.exe”, it stands for “SouRCe Dedicated Server”, and has nothing to do with Counter-Strike. Counter-strike uses it, yes, but it’s just Counter-Strike that users srcds.exe

Yes, I use app 4020 from steamcmd.

I see what on the console appear 66,8FPS, this is normal?

This fps are of the console or of the game?

I can increase this FPS?
On my cfg file I have this:
“fps_max” “500”


Server fps is limited to the tickrate of the server ( 66 by default ).

There IS a difference between ping and latency(the difference is based on context and usually how that specific process decides to measure them). So I wouldn’t expect for ping/latency to be the same value depending on how SRCDS measures them.

Who is your host? It’s possible that once inside their network the server browser requests and gameplay packets are routed differently. This would be a form of QoS(Quality of Service) on their end.