Different player loadouts - simple, admin controlled ''class'' system

I would like to have a menu where a player can select a loadout, and the loadouts would be locked to all players unless an admin authorizes them to do it by using an admin menu that allows an admin to see a button for each loadout that says their name. When clicked, a list of all the players in the server appears in a dropdown menu, and when you click a player’s name, it toggles his ability to use the loadout.

It should be a popup menu that comes up by typing in console: loadout

I am hoping this can be set up, at default, with fields open for me to just put in weapon names. That way if anyone else wants to use the script they could do the same, provided the method is simple enough to understand.

All it would do would change the stuff he spawns with. What he spawns with could be in a list hopefully similar to the sandbox’s player loadout section, simple and easy to change.

Optional read: I’m going to use this on my server similar to America’s Army’s Medic system. Medics must first pass a training course before gaining the ability to treat their teammates. There will be a medic class who will receive full medical treatment capability, other loadouts will be fleshed out later once I get ideas for them.


This would be amazing for my server. I’m gonna try to keep this thread active.

$5 :3:

You’re obsessed with money. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about making something like this before, but I didn’t know whether or not people would use it . Seen as though people would I’ll have an attempt at it, I’m not guaranteeing that it will be very good though.

As long as it works, then it’s good

Exactly my thoughts


Well it is nice that a lot of people are requesting it. :slight_smile:
I would like to see it done too. Especially if it could have a save/Load system, because then it could work like a flag system as well :slight_smile: