Different Pointshop Income for Different Donators

I has this idea but not sure how to do it maybe yo guys can teach me which file I need to edit.

Ok here’s my question, I have different donator statuses Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc…
I want to make it so like if you are a Bronze donator you get 15 percent more income then regular users. How would I set it in my pointshop file to do it for different donators if you know what i’m saying.

Example of what Im trying to do is here: http://astonishinggroup.moonfruit.com/#/donations/4577476935

If you can help it would greatly appreciated. Also if I need more info to give you I can.

Okay, in your sh_config.lua, line 28, you have a function that is used to calculate prices, and the ability to change the % of a “sale” for each class. This file is located in your addons/pointshop-master/lua folder.

PS.Config.CalculateBuyPrice = function(ply, item)
	-- You can do different calculations here to return how much an item should cost to buy.
	-- There are a few examples below, uncomment them to use them.
	-- Everything half price for admins:
	-- if ply:IsAdmin() then return math.Round(item.Price * 0.5) end
	-- 25% off for the 'bronze' group
	if ply:IsUserGroup('bronze') then return math.Round(item.Price * 0.75) end

	-- 35% off for the 'silver' group
	if ply:IsUserGroup('silver') then return math.Round(item.Price * 0.65) end

	-- 50% off for the 'gold' group
	if ply:IsUserGroup('gold') then return math.Round(item.Price * 0.50) end

	return item.Price

Something like that should work. Hope I helped! If you need anymore help, feel free to comment back or add me on my Steam.

Dude! Your a genius, thanks for the help. I’ll add you on steam :smiley: