Different Problems with Different Browers

I was wondering if anyone may have a solution. I’ve been playing Rust completely fine on my browser for about three days now. I’ve been running it in Safari and the game works perfectly. However, if I use Safari or Firefox every time I try to get into the game it downloads the bundles and incredibly slowly. It takes about 25-30 minutes. I know it’s not the internet speed because I’m downloading hundred megabyte files in a fraction of that time and stream videos/play other games fine. Is there something I need to change in settings to stop this slow download speed of the bundles?

I’ve also tried the game in Chrome and that downloads the bundles in about 20 seconds but then the browser freezes up in game and I get a non-responsive application message.


reinstall chrome i had the same problem. Maybe it helps.

Also try to clear your cache from firefox or safari

I’ve cleared my cache and deleted and re-installed Chrome. I’ve also tried to put the settings down once in Chrome. Still no luck. Are there any kind of security settings or anything that I should alter? The 25-30 min load to just seems absurd. There has to be some reason it’s downloading that slowly/much every time?