Different recipe system


Since i tryed reing of kings i ve noticed that there are a better system than the radtowns and barrels to get blue prints… You can craft everything if you have the workbenchs upgraded, so it just get some time to have good stuff

In rust you need first of all luck because of the randomness of the radtowns and barrels, the most of times you get garbage and if not, you find radtowns empty because the big groups build arround them and they spend a lot of hours farming

Lately i cant find a box with interesting loot (when i can find it, because the 90% of the times that i go to the rad is empty) and its starting to be frustrating

The big groups who farm the rads have the control of the server, and if you are a small group or you play solo you dont have many choices

It would be nice to have another system to get a the good stuff

Most of the loot in rad towns are the same as in barrels.

I didnt found the 2 only recipes of assault rifle that i ever seen in the game at the barrels, i have found it at the radtown boxes

Same with the metal chest plate, bucket helmet, metal facemask and the pump action shotgun… i only found the good stuff there

And if you want to get something “good” from the barrels you have to spend a lot of hours… the most of times you only find garbage

Did you try to get some airdrops? Usually i find the most valuable blueprints in the airdrops or radtown boxes.

you will NEVER EVER get your hands on an airdrop as lone wolf … no chance at all … on a server with 150+ players trying to get an airdrop will unavoidable lead to you having a lot of holes in you…

but I disagree with Akop. I found bucket helmet, boltaction and pump action shotgun on barrels … so as soloplayer I tell you it is more effective to hunt barrels than go into radtowns only to get raped

rad towns are a great source of guns, so are airdrops, blueprints on the other hand I suggest barrel hunting, rad town will sometimes have good bps in them, but I feel like barrel hunting will yield you more blueprints in the long run, and even a chance at gun blueprints ( I have gotten shotgun/bolt/ak out of barrels probably at the same rate as I have gotten them out of rad town , I rarely get blueprints from airdrops. )

Its not about disagree, its about my experience

I havent found these objects on barrels

A friend found assault rifle 2 times on barrels, but i have more hours playeds than him (just 400 hours more) and i havent seen one from barrels even when i have spend a lot of hourse just breaking barrels

From my experience, all the gun BPs I’ve gotten in the last several weeks have been from barrels. Ditto for my team mates. 1 Tommy BP was found in the small rad house before the last wipe. Otherwise, most of us can make a variety of guns, and they all came from barrels. One of the servers I played on wiped last week. I got a pump shotgun BP in the second barrel I broke open as a fresh spawn.

A friend have spend 3 hours breaking barrels hand he hasnt found any interesting blue print… so sad 3 hours wasted

Thanks to face punch for the research table!!! i was looking for something like that :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: