Different Research/Obtaining New Items Idea

So recently I’ve had some thoughts about the current system of obtaining new items in Rust. When I first started playing it seemed like a very good system, and I enjoyed it greatly, but after playing for quite some time now (80+ hours both on webplayer and Steam), I’ve seen some flaws.

I work with a group of about 6 guys, we all stick to certain tasks, each team is two guys.
Team 1 farms zombies
Team 2 farms towns
Team 3 gathers resources

It’s a great way to make tons of materials with obtaining the new items in the game, however after three days of playing we’ve yet to obtain a single metal foundation, playing about 10 hours a day.

And now with the introduction of the Bolt Action Rifle, everyone is confused on whether it even drops because this system just isn’t done right.

I believe that the system should still be in tact, nothing should be changed, however I believe the ability to trial and error research parts is a gameplay feature Rust would benefit from.
Having all items available in the crafting menu, however some are listed as Prototypes and others are Known

Known items are ones that are default or you have researched

Prototypes are basically all the other items in the game, and you can craft these at a workbench with a minor chance of creating a usable (and researchable) item. Each prototype costs maybe 25% more resources than if you were building the known item.

I don’t know exactly how well this would work, but I definitely think we need a different way to obtain things rather than complete random loot spawns.

If everyone had the opportunity to obtain everything solely based on using materials, think of how completely flooded all servers would be with the best weapons and armor. I think EXTREMELY rare items are the way to go in this game. Gives you something always to be looking for, major prizes for big hauls, etc. The worst part is once you have everything you can get.