Different RP maps?

Hey guys, sorry if this is out of place; but I manage Boonclan’s “Not Awful” DarkRP server. I’m really proud of my server because so many people say they enjoy it. However, we really struggle increasing our player count. I’ve had hardly any previous experience running servers, and therefore no experience on how to increase our player count, subsequently, we heavily rely on our close knit community, Facepunch members and random joiners. We’re currently running RP_Littletown, which our players love but it has such a huge file size. We like Littletown because it makes a change from the typical gritty RP maps, like Downtown. We don’t get many random joiners actually finish the download stage of loading into the server, and I blame Littletown’s huge filesize, because there is hardly any other download dependent content.

Do you guys have any suggestions for other maps? It would be much appreciated

Bloc42 ?

rp_swarg_swg and rp_locality are both great, new maps with a lot of bang-for-your-buck filesize wize.

They’re not very well recognized yet though, however I run swarg on my server and we’ve been doing fine. I’d love to see more people use these maps, they’re really nice.

Wow, I never realized the shortage of rp maps. I’ve been searching for an rp map with decent quality for quite some time now, is this why rp_downtown is so popular?

Would my rp map work for your server? It’s gritty, but not in the typical downtown style.


Still a wip, but it’s getting there.

Beta if you want to run around in there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/okynv4med0493nd/rp_stiffyville.7z (need CSS)

Almost every server uses rp_downtown due to it’s small file size and the fact that most players already have the map.

Well, you can use my map.
You can’t enter any buildings, I know, but if your server has cars, it’ll be fun to play on.