Different Teleport Locations

Hey guys.

I have a question:

I have a trigger_teleport which teleports the players to a info_teleport_destination.
But the problem is, if multiple players play the map they get teleported to the same place and then they stuck.

Is there a way to teleport them with one trigger to different places or to move one out of the info_teleport_destination?

I hope some one could help me.

Your Alphaverse

more of a workaround but try teleporting them into a trigger_push so they move away immediately after being teleported

As long as the area they are leleported in is big enough (or the trigger small enough) set the teleporters “Local destination landmark” to itself. Teleported players will now keep their orientation and translation relative to the trigger_teleport

you could adapt this tutorial on making random teleports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2spdVQ4K7SE