different types of arrows

I got an idea about a new sistem of arrows for rust

wooden arrows: ( made only by wood) they are easier to make but, they do less damage than the normal arrow.

stone arrows: (the current arrow added in the game) they still do the normal damage that they already do but only on less armored targets and they do less damage on high armored targets

metal arrow: ( an arrow made by wood and metal fragments) they are the opposite of the normal arrows, they give more damage on high armored targets but they do less damage on low armored targets

what do you guys think?

not a bad idea but i don’t fully understand the metal arrow…

I could totally implement something like that (to an extent).

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I should correct myself and say in RustEssentials - not Rust. I am not a Rust dev. Just wanted to clear that up before assumptions are made.

this should be an arrow made to fight against people who use leather and kevlar.

for this system to work it should be possible to equip the type of arrow that you want on your bow

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yeah but i meant why would it do less damage on a non-armor opponent

Already suggested. Different arrow types and BOW upgrade idea was registered on trello ~5-6 months ago. It is not visible since rust reboot.

to keep the game balanced because nude guys would die too fast

hmmmmmm thanks I didn’t know that

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talking about new ways to trow projectiles, there is a new concept about slingshots

Fire arrow would be better

i don’t think you need to nerf the metal arrow’s damage. have scaled damage, wooden arrow weakest, stone arrows a little stronger, metal arrow dealing the most, and balance the resource costs accordingly.

could be possible but dont matter how do you look the metal arrow will still be OP
so how about the metal arrow still be nerfed but has 90% of chance to give bleeding in the enemy?

I think a 90% chance is too high to cause bleeding, if anything I think it should be more like 30% tops.

A 90% chance would almost always cause bleeding, which is just a little OP, imo, but it’s hard to judge until it’s seen in practice.

I think we have to look at the whole arrowhead topic more realistically, if you want to prevent one type being too “OP.”

There are lots more to consider than just overall damage.

Consider the materials, and their properties
piercing shots
extended damage due to fracturing inside the wound
durability: obsidian would cut like a hot knife through butter to open flesh/cloth, but may fracture against the kevlar armor

There can be so much more to it than just a simple hierarchy of Wood < Stone < Metal

Edit: Honestly, if a lot of time was spent developing the more primitive weapons like the Bow, and adding more, like spears, chains, maces, etc. There could be more than enough weapon dynamic to keep the game extremely entertaining without military grade weapons. I’m not advocating against M4s and P250s, just sayin’. :slight_smile:

So definitely a yes to different types of arrowheads.

Wooden arrowheads seem pretty rare and not at all good for larger game (including people) I suppose you could in a pinch but it’s unlikely to be very effective.

Stone arrowheads seem to dominate virtually any archaeological environment that had access to stone, so I think this would be an obvious step up.

Finally, any society of a certain level of development necessarily switches from stone arrowheads to metal ones. There’s nothing “OP” about them clearly being superior, they’re also more expensive. Large worked arrowheads of stone and metal should all cause serious bleeding, that’s a pretty traumatic and messy wound you’re receiving.

Dip your arrows in dead animal bodies

Blood arrows - poison - force people to barf everywhere. Possibility of forced starvation death due to fast hunger loss. XD

lol, that would actually be pretty funny:)

Just quoting my response from other topic :slight_smile:

I liked of the ideas and concepts for the arrows that you guys said, but its hard to implement new types of arrows if everyone will just change their bows for military weapons
so I dont really know how to make a person who use a bow be able to fight against someone who is using a fire weapon

so what do you guys think?

Well some of us will use bows anyway just for enjoyment reasons. Additionally, if you consider that maybe the handcannon will be the easiest firearm to develop, you’re still helpless at range. There’s also a noise component.

bow deals higher dmg than single bullet. if it weren’t for that stupid bow switching bug, i’d snipe a shot with an arrow first before switching to a handgun to finish off.

I just got an idea to implement the idea from GalegO.
it would be nice if you could combine some of your arrows with the low grade fuel and maybe cloth to make arrows ready to be burn with your torch.