Different types of bows/arrows

Rust needs to add at the very least one new bow, or different arrow tips. I know i’m not alone when I say that I love using a bow. In the beginning stages of the game the classic bow is just fine, but what I want to see is something that will work better in the later stages. As it is currently the bow does to little damage against armored targets. What i propose is allowing us to craft a new bow that allows us to shoot arrows faster (i’m talking the arrow flying faster threw the air, not reloading speed), these will of course be able to pierce armor more effectively. Or allow us to use the classic bow, but we can craft metal arrows (similar to how you can craft a wooden spear, or a stone spear that is slightly better), and these arrows will better pierce armor.

Just some suggestions. I really like being a bowman, i rarely go out with a gun, I like how they are silent, I think in the beginning of the game they are great when no one has armor yet, the damage is currently tuned well and the draw speed is good also. We just need a slight upgraded version of it for those of us that prefer the bow and would like to better fight armored targets. I’d like to hear peoples thoughts on the matter as I don’t see why this shouldnt be something that is added and probably wouldnt be that hard to add.

Check the Trello, a few tiers of bow will make it in at some stage!

Awesome, thanks! Always forget about the trello page. Hard to keep up with all the rust pages that the team uses, would like to see it eventually dwindle down to it all being compiled on one. But thanks for the heads up! concepts look great.

That concept art board is pretty much the main one now anyway. There’s another art board which shows whats doing and done etc but the concept art one is the one to go to if looking to see whats aimed to be put into the game