differentiate between Player and NPC kills

Hi, currently I’m using this code on my scoreboard

tabs[ 3 ] = { name = "Frags", 	size = 0.1,	liveUpdate = false,	fetch = function( ply ) return ply:Frags() end }

My goal is to differentiate between a player kill and an NPC kill so it feeds back to my scoreboard. I’m not sure how to go about this, I’m almost certain I need to create a function or meta function that can be called, maybe something along the lines of

function NPCDeath(npc, killer,weapon)
	if(true) then
		if(npc != killer) then
			if(killer:IsPlayer()) then

hook.Add( "OnNPCKilled", "fragset", NPCDeath )

This still doesn’t differentiate between the NPC and Player kills though. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Found this bit of code

function NPCKillCounter( npc, killer, weapon )
	if not killer:IsPlayer() then return end

	if killer.KillCount then -- Check if the KillCount variable exists
		killer.KillCount = killer.KillCount + 1 -- If the variable exists then increase its value by 1
		killer.KillCount = 1 -- If the variable doesn't exist then set it to 1

hook.Add( "OnNPCKilled", "NPCKillCounter", NPCKillCounter ) -- Register the hook

Still having trouble implementing this though.

You can count how many NPCs a player has killed in a separate place. For example (untested):
[lua]hook.Add(“OnNPCKilled”, “CountKills”, function(npc, attacker)
if IsValid(attacker) and attacker:IsPlayer() then
attacker.NPCKills = (attacker.NPCKills or 0) + 1

Then ply.NPCKills will be the total number of NPCs that player has killed.

First of all, thanks for your quick reply!

Threw this in my autorun and configured that part of my scoreboard with this code

tabs[ 6 ] = { name = "NPC", 	size = 0.1,	liveUpdate = true, 	fetch = function( ply ) return ply:NPCKills() end }

I get a return with this

attempt to call method 'NPCKills' (a nil value)

I wonder if im placing the code wrong.

Wrong: ply:NPCKills()
Right: (ply.NPCKills or 0)

No errors this time around, no NPC kills are being recorded though. The counter sits at 0. I tried the code both in the config for the scoreboard, also in my autorun. also as a last ditch effort, tried it in a custom module.

OnNPCKilled is a serverside hook. You’re gonna have to use the net library to update kills to the players. (or networked vars)

Ah, good point, I hadn’t thought of that. I recommend you use

Entity:SetNWInt and


Also note, you can use SetNW2Int and GetNW2Int, which work the same as the above links explain. It’s hard to explain why but the NW2 variant is better.

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[lua]hook.Add(“OnNPCKilled”, “CountKills”, function(npc, attacker)
if IsValid(attacker) and attacker:IsPlayer() then
attacker:SetNW2Int(“NPC Kills”, attacker:GetNW2Int(“NPC Kills”) + 1)