Difficult Brush Work

I use arch for circle but i cant do the roof its impossible to make this roof how can i do that ?

Square, cut of corners, Hexagon, cut of corners, keep doing this until it’s a circle, and has as many straight edges are there are pieces of your Arch.

That’s 1 way.

Arch, vertex manipulation, copy, rotate. In that order.

you can use the sketchup plugin and create circle brushes or just use the cylinder brush in hammer. But the one is sketchup is alot smoother the the 32 sided max in hammer

Edit: just use the cylinder brush in hammer

No, arch. because it needs to be hollow.

look, i was making a map with a hallow cylinder when i clicked on the tread.

Edit:picture looks weird because i added brightness and contrast so you can see it better

Hollowing a cylinder is like carving.
you just dont do it


There’s nothing wrong with that.
You can make a hollowed cylinder by using the arch tool, and having it set to 360 degrees.

Are you trying to make the roof slanted at the edge?

What i mean is that if you make a CYLINDER
with the CYLINDER tool, and then go ctrl-h, it isnt fine.
the arch tool, however, is.

You could torus it.

you could always use displacements, it is a bit more advanced technique, but it is what Fortress Forever mod team they have complex geometry. It works really well it just takes a while to get the technique down

wait, couldnt he just use an arch for the hollow part, and place a cylinder on top?

I don’t see what’s complex about this?

You know what, just model it.