Difficulty installing "Toy Dinosaur" model, cannot access in game

I have been attempting to use\install the following model:
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=90037 (Toy Dinosaur)

System hardware specs

  • Processor : Pentium D 3.2GHz
  • RAM : 4Gigs
  • Graphics Card : GeForce 7900 GS
  • Operating System : Win7 Ultimate 32Bit

Addons you have installed

  • None

Any changes you’ve made in the past month

  • Performed “Cleaning Gmod Installation” and reattempted model installation, no luck

I am having difficulty getting this model to properly show up in Garry’s Mod, I cannot seem to install it properly. (no luck with a Clean Gmod Installation either)

Using the folder structure provided was unsuccessful.
(materials/models/) and (models/)
I have tried adding the listed files in different combinations of folders (all to “materials/models/”, create a matching “models/dinosaur/” folder…)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

When you download it does it have an info.txt in it’s folder?

In the zip, you have 2 folders, materials and models.
You go into your garrysmod directory, and drop these folders there. Let it overwrite if it has to.

Once in garrysmod, open the browse models screen.
Open the folder “All”
In the model preview window you should find a model called toydino.mdl, or toydino_holyshitversion.mdl

Click one of them.


My comment was just checking to see if it was an addon but this seems like the right solution. Wrench for you.

Thank you! This solved my problem. :slight_smile:
I looked under the Props tab, but not the Browse Tab.

If you download models not in addon format (models and materials folder not being in a parent folder, no info.txt in parent folder)
there will not be a spawnlist, and thus you will have to find them manually.

Glad i could help.

Marvellous, glad you got it sorted OP, cheers Cally for sorting it.

Actually the addon format isn’t so important. You can have an addon without a spawnlist. Since the important part for those is the info.txt which more or less is the indicator for an addon.

Likewise you can have a spawnlist outside of an addon.