Difficulty modes?

Just wondering what the difficulty modes are in this game, if there are any. I’m not interested in a permadeath game, but I am open to other death penalties. Is there anything like that in the game or is it just permadeath?

You die, and you respawn.

But you lose items right?

If you’re carrying them yes, if you store them in your house, no.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by permadeath. I was wondering if there were any other modes available but I suppose not.

This is not an offline game.

I know, but there could be server for something like “lose all items outside of the hotbar”, “lose all ammunition”, etc.

Anyways, not saying the game is bad by any means, I was just wondering if it would be right for me.

They have easy where real life players turn into raging cod kids and hard which makes real life players turn into arma players. Try it yourself.