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This shit ALWAYS looks better in my head

sorry about the Brightness, but there wasn’t much else I could do to make it look prettier

I do believe it would look way better without that brightness,and you could also drop the screenshot at the editing thread,there is always someone to make it look cool.

A bit too bright don’t you think?

updated, with slightly less brightness

"Beep boop, This fruit is Delicious…"

watch out for those crabs

looks really washed out

Those crabs are a really nice touch.

This is generally frowned upon, but I still did it. I just played around with the brightness and contrast - it literally took 30 seconds…


Would you actually mind it if I did a proper edit? It’s a sweet picture.

Go ahead, I don’t mind

Did anyone else think of the old Heavy Metal animated movie when seeing the green orb in the brainbot’s hands?

Hello Lightbulb.


Well done, xana.

Oh look it’s a Cortex Command reference!

The picture is drool inducing.

The crabs got me chuckling. Nice one:smile: