Digging compatible holes in SketchUp?

I saw on youtube that there is apparently a tool in the hammer editor about making holes in walls, but I use SketchUp since it’s faster and easier to pick up. Since Source doesn’t like having its brushes bent inwards I’m having a bit of a problem with that. So far my knowledge allows me to cut up a 3D object by exploding it, then drawing lines on its surface, then moving each part away and draw whatever is missing to make it a new 3D object, then putting back the parts I actually want to keep. Is there an easier way to do that, preferably without having to move every part away?

Just curious but how do you keep all your stuff on the grid when you import it from sketchup? I’ve never had a good experience with importing from it.

I don’t? I didn’t know I have to keep all the stuff snapped on the grid. The map works perfectly.

That’s a tool that most people have the sense to avoid. It is really poorly coded.

Just take your time with brushwork in hammer and you’ll have quite satisfactory results :slight_smile:

Export a chunk of brushwork that you want the model/complex brushwork to fit into to Sketchup, then edit it since you’re connecting to the vertices already in place it should remain on the hammer grid for the most part.