Would be a interesting concept to implement.

I can envision spending less time upgrading walls and more time hiding tunnel entrances, perhaps with craftable trap doors.

Could really expand the usable map area too and add an element of surprise and ambush to would be raiding parties.

I can feel the FPS killing already. I know for fact there will be static caves and such, but I don’t think we’ll beable to mess with the terrain anytime soon…

as far as i know, this is completely out of the question with the current game engine. i believe it would take a complete rewrite and whole new engine to implement this.

That being said, i don’t think this is a bad idea, but just one that isn’t going to happen until i get 600 supermodels all wanting to lay me at the same time.

Not to late to start garry XD maybe rust 2

Not really they can mix up with a voxel based terrain. It would SUCK hard but its doable :P.

For example, they could generate a voxel based terrain and let only that terrain be “diggable” while the rest is pre generated with the current terrain generator and its fixed on the map. Argh i’m terrible in explaining things sorry.

I dont like the idea of diging anymore. After watching how they are implementing caves i think its the best way to go. a dungeon,tunels and caves generated with the map is better.

A game like rust the exploring part is much better than digging.

PS: I suck at drawing too.

Edited : Somenthing like this

Interesting idea but really not necessary and Garry already said he doesn’t plan on doing this. Not sure why TP_MoonStar voted late on Tevax’s post as he is just repeating exactly what Garry said.

Because i’m stupid and i missclicked so i’m changing now :P.

Ah ok. Engine limitations I can understand; voxel concept seems interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

Procedural caves sound really cool and a bit more in-line with realism for shelters (we are all cavemen essentially). Some cave-borne danger like loose rocks, pitfalls, snakes/insects, etc. would add a nice atmospheric element too.

The engine is not limiting anything, infact you could have dynamic terraforming in unity.

If anything this is facepunch focusing on more important shit than implementing more things to break other stuff.

Holy crap. After watching that video, we need dynamite and terra forming, pronto.

Meh, maybe in the future it would be cool. It would be really nice if they made a playable game first. Legacy was awesome but has been a hackerfest for around a year now. Experimental isn’t even close to an actual game yet. I refuse to call it Rust until it actually reaches something close to baseline.

cool clip:) its not a perfect example though. the terrain is basically just dust with a single layer of grass texture, and the space is tiny compared to rusts maps. no speedtree, damage calculations, armour, hunger, thirst, animal ais, building physics etc etc. i’m sure it would be far more demanding than the example; that said, i WOULD love to see deformable terrain.

At least with caves there is a plugin for Unity that lets you put holes in the terrain. You just fill the whole with a static object. They could in theory use this same tech to make like root cellars/basements. Deformable on server performance… unknown, but they have a very simplified version in Life is Feudal (given it is a different engine).

I thought 7daystodie used unity? That’s all I do is dig in that game.

Digging is not needed in the Rust experience, imo. I do remember them creating art versions of underground bunkers they were thinking about with the trap door like tops that are covered in grass. Unsure if that idea was wiped.

I spent HOURS(20-40hrs+) digging in Planet Explorers, just to find rare materials. That would be a good reason to put terraforming in Rust just for rare materials.
It would give a whole new aspect to raiding peoples caves and tunnels.

Not to center you out in particular, but everyone seems to have their own idea of what the Rust “experience” should be. I’m at a loss as to what it is, personally.

I can agree with that. That’s why I said imo.

I would enjoy digging, as it would give me a reason to play another 1000 hours and hide from all the pvp like I do in other games with the digging feature.

i would love to see digging in this game, i was a fan of minecraft but rust has so much potential.

Basically the issue lies with how the map is generated.The terrain is represented by a heightmap, a 2d black and white representation of the world. To allow to digging would require that image to be editable and constantly transmitted.

I am sure with enough work a system could be put in place, but anything short of replacing then entire terrain system with a voxel based approach would require a massive overhaul.

garry explored voxel terrain a bit.

Then we didn’t hear about it again. I think that says it all.