DigiDime Gaming Network - Survival Fest Event

DigiDime Gaming Network is hosting an event today @ **20:00 SAST
The Event will include :

  • a selection of raid to be done against the local Dr. Michaelis and his research facilities
  • News has it that the Dr. has requested 20 + airdrops from his peers…
  • Battle of the locals for dominion over Mount Everust
  • Resource distribution of economical demise (1 hours worth)
  • PVP events in the local Sparring grounds (Death’s Hollow)
  • Visitations from the random spirit of the island (this will take place in the night)
  • Activation of PVE for 2 hours for members to regulate after the nights event.

Everyone is welcome to come join in today’s event and all new members who should come across an active admin, will receive a bonus survival kit to start your days of living within the realm.

We welcome all PVP clans and players to take this opportunity to come get settled within minutes

**How to connect to DigiDime Gaming Network

**Server Name : DigiDime Gaming Network
IP : eude30.playrust.eu:28095
Slots : 250
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Simply click on this URL: steam://connect/eude30.playrust.eu:28095 - in case this doesn’t work, you can still connect via the in game. Open the console and enter ‘net.connect eude30.playrust.eu:28095’ without the quotes. However, another method is to use the legacy browser to add your server. Search for eude30.playrust.eu:28095 and add it to your favorites.

DigiDime** DOES NOT **wipe the server. We make backups of the server every 24 hours to preserve the presence of our community. We have active admins who live strictly by a code of conduct to Not abuse powers that are given to them. There is no admin buddy buddy situations where people get spawned free items and blocks. We are fair and we don’t interrupt the affairs of other players. We only Watch…

Nice event, I’ll definitely be there !

Event will start in 30 min - We welcome one and all :smiley:

Such great fun! Had an absolute blast! Will definitely be looking out for more such events in the future.
R.I.P. Doctor

Yeah the Event was Epic ! :smiley: supply drops spam etc xD
Hoping that there will be more of these :smiley:

Yeah it was pretty funny xD,the last battle was the best haha so much win :smiley: and so much explodes haha