Digimon Ragdoll request

Here, we can request for ragdolls of Digimon characters.

One character i want is Ranamon from the Frontier series.

I have made her and Max from Sam and Max, a couple. I even asked a friend on deviantart to do a picture of her hugging Max, as seen here: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=Sam+Max+Digimon#/d38wu87

In conclusion, if anyone could make a 3D of her and make her into a ragdoll, that would be great. If, however, this interfears with anything else, I will gladly wait.

Oh, and everyone else, feel free to shout out your ideas, too.

Even though there is already a Digimon ragdoll request thread (witch I think died a while ago) I’ll suport this.

Speeking of witch, can some one do these two?


Meh… Ranamon is so mainstream… I prefer Angewomon!

Thanks pal.

I just did this, so I wouldn’t get into trouble for thread-bumping. For I’m worried if I did, everyone will want my head on a spike.

I don’t blame ya. By the way, some one has a thread for a Rika Nonaka ragdoll up. I’ve tried my hand at rigging a modle they found, ran into some problems, and am now getting some help with it.

There was a thread with some guy porting digimon but it seems he quit … he had some ported but the thread died sadly :frowning:

Well, couldn’t anyone else do it? I don’t care who as long as its accurate.

It seems not since people tried now and then to get the thread back on page 1 but none took the challenge to continue it :frowning:

Well, I hope someone will be able to help me. After all, Ranamon is not the only Digimon I want. I can think of a few others.