Digimon Ragdolls

Honestly I’ll take anything I can get besides Renamon (bleh), and I do already have the digimon pack on garrysmod.org, but are there any other gmod-worthy models out there?

Specifially I’m mostly wanting Bukamon / Ikkakumon, Terriermon / Gargomon, and/or Palmon. And possibly any digivolutions of them, but eh. Not so important.

As for games I don’t really have any idea where you could get the models, but I’m aware of a couple of 3D games, mostly Digimon Masters Online which is an MMO, but I have no idea whether or not it’d be possible to rip the models from it.

[SUP](There’s a bunch others I’d want but I have a bad habit of typing out huge lists when I request stuff, whoops)[/SUP]

there have been some rips from DMO, but none of them are of the characters you’ve listed. If anyone could figure out how there maybe a chance to rip from Digimon Rumble Arena 2.

Oh, are they for Gmod or just the ripped models themselves so far? If the former, is there any chance I could get a link?
Thanks either way.

Edit: Wait, nevermind, I believe I found the models that were in question and I already have those ones, they’re from the digimon pack I mentioned I had in the OP. Whoops. Thanks anyway though.

Did some one release another Digimon pack with out my knowing? I ment these models: http://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/digimonmasters/index.html

Oh, no it’s not that. I thought you meant the Digimon pack that’s already on Garrysmod.org, not that. Well, hopefully someone will be willing to port and rig and whatnot those to Gmod. Unfortunately I have no experience on the matter and I doubt my computer would be willing to run properly to let me try.
Those would be pretty neat to have in Gmod despite none of them being in my request, especially the Digimon Kaiser.

(Is there any sort of etiquette to bumping? I hope a day is long enough to wait.)

Relax. I am working on getting $40.00 to get Xenosaga to do a comission for a Digimon character.

Oh, cool. What are you going to request if you don’t mind my asking?

That would be Ranamon from Digimon Frontier. Here is what she looks like: http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Ranamon_(Frontier)

If all goes well, I might also have someone port the model for use in MikuMikuDance.

Oh, that’s pretty cool. I thought you meant Renamon at first admittedly, haha.

But yeah, that’s a pretty nice digimon to request IMO. Beats all the Renamon models anyway.

You got a steam account? Because I now want to friend you.

Oh, yeah I do, but I have issues with people adding me usually for some reason. Or adding people. It’s antitheguy but for some reason that never shows up for people on steam unless they’ve added me?

Wait no I fixed it.

Heck when I can remember to do so, I was gonna see if any one could touch up the Rika ragdoll in that one pack.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=digimon >.>

I already have those, the only reason I’m requesting more really is because none of my ‘favorites’ are really in either of the packs. Thanks anyway though.

Yeah. The variety of Digimon needs to be expanded in gmod.

Well you should have specified that…

I did say I already have the Digimon pack from Garrysmod.org in the OP, so.

I should totally bitchslap you for getting that wrong but I’m not that nerdy and…anyways.
We do have a megathread on this subject however it hasn’t had an active modeller/porter for months now.

Wasn’t tilloile working on this project?