Digital Bath

This does not look good anymore.

At all.

This is starting to get stupid, it was cool at first, but…eeh.

its all fancy pansy photoshop and no gmod at all.

Nearly 99% of pictures in this section are taken in Gmod with maxed out JPEG quality and some ingame editing, then processed through “fancy pansy” Photoshop.

You could have said that he simply did an overkill with the processing bit.

brush brush brushes brush brush burshes everywhere



I don’t think it’s that bad.

Not as good as your others. Which rocked.

But i like it. :frowning:

It looks nice. Artistic!

If the other one wasn’t brush spam (hint: it was), this sure as hell is.

I was inspired by the works of vhm-alex from deviant. If you think that this is brush spam too, I have no questions.

It’s better laid-out than this, though. Your last few have been okay (even good) but this one is really rather uninteresting visually.