Digital Miss-Labelling

I recently brought a skin from the in-game rust market. It was a balaclava skin that cost £1.60, now this may not be something to go on a rant about but still it was my money. Shortly after purchasing the product I realised that I could not even use the product I had brought. I would have to find the Blueprint, which is VERY time consuming meaning either or I could not obtain the product or I would have to waste numerous hours of my life to get this product. And this doesn’t even factor in that the servers can wipe and my ‘BP’ will be erased; effectively removing my product. Now I may not know much about digital products and how the law dictates over them but seems to me to be miss-labelling of a digital product. All this may be wrong and I could have made a mistake but I would like to know why I cannot access my product immediately. -Spanners

Because this is a game, not a convenience store. You bought a cosmetic variant of a non-default blueprint. The game will not automatically give you the ability to craft it the second you join a new server, or else this becomes worryingly close to being pay to win.

And server wipes don’t usually clear blueprints, and even if they did a server clearing the blueprint database on the server will not delete the purchased Steam item from your Steam inventory, so, no, you are NOT losing access to the product you bought. It’s not being taken away from you.

You should probably read about what you’re buying before you buy it, because it seems like you’re expecting a P2W store instead of the system Rust uses.

You failed to understand what you were buying before you bought it. It’s that simple.

So you bought a bucket of blue metallic paint for a car but you do not have a car, yet somehow it’s the car manufacturer’s fault?

May I mention this is a FUCKING balaclava we’re talking about. Not a game breaking P2W situation.

If you purchased the skin from the Rust store, you would have seen this informative message:

You don’t get what he’s saying.

P2W: You pay for an item, and it shows up without any effort.
Rust: You pay for a skin of an item, and it performs like any skin should. Because it’s a skin. You need to be able to craft the original item to craft the skinned variant.

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