Digital motorcyclist under digital rain.


Christ alive, This is awesome.

absolute sex

Made in Garry’s Mod? HOW?

Kinda small raindrops all over, should probably be bigger on the foreground. Otherwise it’s pretty nifty.

I’d say 30% in Garry’s Mod and 70% in Gimp/photoshop

rain lacks depth, everything else is excellent.

are you jesus

shit, that’s cool!

Fuck you this is absolutely amazing.

That’s some very slick editing you’ve got there!

Very cool.

straight up

I am dissapointed

Somehow symmetrically pleasing to the eye

Uncanny resemblance to Tron… I love this!

Wow… Outstanding!

nice work meh boy, but work on your rain and become next weenurs

Absolutely amazing. This is the most original thing I’ve seen here for a while.
Great work

I came.